Musings on Punchdrunk and stuff

It’s a week since I got back from New York, and I’ve been mulling over my visit almost constantly. So this post is literally just a list of stuff I’ve been thinking about.

  • It’s really nice to be selfish sometimes. For me, that meant leaving my husband at home and going away with friends, doing whatever I fancied, whenever I fancied. I won’t do it lots, but once in a while it’s a real treat.
  • I bloody love my husband. A week without him was wonderful, but I also couldn’t wait to get back to him.
  • Everyone experiences things differently – and everyone’s correct. There are a multiple, possibly infinite, interpretations of Punchdrunk shows, and every one is valid if they mean something to someone. To paraphrase Dumbledore, just because it’s happening inside your head doesn’t mean it’s not real.
  • I should take more steps into the unknown. I’m an introvert, prone to bouts of crippling anxiety. This is where Punchdrunk has, without exaggeration, changed my life. It’s not easy for me to do some things without company – either as emotional support, or as witnesses so I don’t chicken out and break my word. But with only the mask for protection, I’ve been experiencing the theatre in a way that that would once have made me really uncomfortable, and not just surviving but loving it. It’s led me to take more chances, and it’s been transformative.
  • I need more creativity in my life. Dedicating a week to chasing characters around the McKittrick, trying to understand them and appreciate the artistry of what I was seeing made me realise that I don’t do enough things like this. As someone who used to sing, dance, play instruments, write, draw and read amongst other things, I need to start prioritising these so I can feel like me again.
  • Always thank people if you get the chance – door staff, bar staff, performers, your friends, your family, your colleagues. Anyone in life who does something that makes you smile. It’s nice to be nice.
  • I really quite like writing. It doesn’t matter if no one reads it, the process itself is enjoyable. I’m not sure what I’ll write about next – suggestions on postcard! Will need to write about something while I save up to go to Shanghai…
  • Don’t feel guilty about doing things that make you happy. I spent the weeks and months leading up to the trip feeling rather sheepish and making apologetic, self-deprecating jokes about the amount of money I was spending on it. People who don’t know me well didn’t understand why I was going that far and spending that much money to see a show I’d already seen several times several more times. But it was worth every penny. If it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, crack on.
  • I can wear a green sequinned minidress, fairy wings and green lipstick and look awesome doing it.




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