Happy thoughts – Tuesday 24th January

One of my colleagues is trying to be more appreciative of the little things in life by writing down 3 positive things that happened each day. I had a pretty awful day at work, compounded by the state of the world at the moment with Trump and Brexit, so in an attempt to make myself feel better, here are mine:

  1. Had a nice if brief group chat with some friends to start arranging some theatre trips. It’s good to have something to look forward too.
  2. I really enjoyed my little 20 minute work out before dinner – just short abs and arms sessions, both with weights, but it felt good and I used heavier weights than the last time.
  3. Will knew I’d had a rough day so made steak for dinner. It was bloody delicious, especially with a glass of shiraz, and he really does look after me even when he’s having a rubbish time at work too.




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