Happy thoughts – Thursday 26th January

I can’t really explain how bad a day I’ve had today. And I can’t go into detail for various reasons, but I need my happy thoughts more than ever today.

  • I worked from home today. I got a reasonable amount done, but it was also just a really satisfying and healthy way for me to work. An extra hour in bed AND being able to squeeze in an Insanity session before starting, having a proper breakfast (avocado and poached eggs – YUM!) rather than porridge at my desk, fitting in a short run (and shower) on my lunch break, and switching off around 6pm, with the whole evening ahead of me.
  • The new speakers for our turntable arrived – it tells you a lot about how bad my day was that Hermes not messing up a delivery (they can never find our flat and we get a “we tried to deliver but you weren’t in” message) made my happy thoughts list.
  • I drank a lot of tea and ate a lot of jaffa cakes. And thanks to fitting in both Insanity and a run, I didn’t feel guilty about it.

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