Happy thoughts – Saturday 28th January

It’s Saturday! Not that we did anything particularly special with it.

  • Started the day with my favourite new Saturday tradition of watching classic 90s TV show Gladiators while I do my Insanity workout and some weights, followed by American Ninja Warrior. The spandex covered beautiful bods are just aspirational enough to make me keep going, but the show itself is distracting enough to take my mind off the pain – to the point I can tag an abs and arms workout on the end without feeling dreadful afterwords.
  • We’ve got friends coming for lunch tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to, but it means loads of shopping, food prep and cleaning. I love hosting so it’s worth it, but it created a lot of work to do today. While I was cleaning I came across my Sleep No More souvenir programme, and spent a while thumbing through it. It’s not the same as being in a Punchdrunky world, but it did give me a warm fuzzy glow.
  • Plus I made Guinness cake for tomorrow, and it smells RIDICULOUS.

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