Happy thoughts – Monday 30th January

Pretty hard to be happy about yesterday as I was ill and felt like death all day – I got on the tube to work and the heat and motion nearly made me throw up, so I had a very quick meeting, and turned straight back around! But there were some mini-victories…

  • I GOT HAMILTON TICKETS! I failed at the pre-sale a couple of weeks back thanks to being in a 3 hour meeting throughout, but being ill meant I was home in front of my laptop and after an hour of persevering with a fairly crap ticketing system, with 30 tabs open trying different dates, I finally got a pair of tickets. OK, they’re for March 2018, but they’re MINE!
  • As I was home early, we managed to squeeze in a LOT of film watching. While we’re not really talking to each other, it’s some of the time with Will I appreciate the most – just being comfortable not doing anything much, watching stuff together, enjoying our shared love of films.
  • And a more serious one – I was truly heartened to see the huge amount of support for all the anti-Trump protests across the country. I couldn’t go myself thanks to feeling hideous, but I was so happy to see how many of my friends were there, and the huge outpourings of support from those like myself who couldn’t go. I really do have the best pals.

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