Happy thoughts – Wednesday 1st February

  • JANUARY IS OVER!! I’m really lucky that I’m financially solvent and can afford to treat myself once in a while, so I can’t really complain about January given that I started it in New York and ended it by buying tickets to Hamilton, but it still feels good to have got the “toughest month of the year” out the way.
  • I celebrated in style by planning some fun stuff for the coming months
    • Nabbing a couple of tickets to see Nice Fish, starring the glorious Mark Rylance, tomorrow with one of my lovely theatre chums
    • Emma in turn has sorted us tickets to see My Brilliant Friend (starring a couple of former Punchdrunkards) in March
    • Booked the Soho Hotel’s Film Club for March to see T2 Trainspotting. The best bit about their Film Club is that you also get some truly delicious food, and sometimes it comes with a side order of celeb spotting. Last time, we saw Pedro Pascal – aka Oberyn Martell – wandering through the restaurant as we chowed down on sea bream.
    • And finally booked to use my Harry Potter Studio Tour voucher from my last birthday – going in April, once the Forbidden Forest has opened so there will be a couple of new attractions for me since I was last there.
  • Had a brief chat via Facebook messenger with an old friend from back home. We’ve hardly spoken in years, but it was just really nice to speak. There are lots of things I hate about Facebook, but there is no denying that it can also be a great communication tool, helping people stay in touch or reconnect years after drifting apart.

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