Happy thoughts – Thursday 2nd February

  • Spent the day out of the office, for a meeting in Oxfordshire in the morning then visiting the site of our next event in Warwickshire in the afternoon. It does sometimes feel like we can’t afford to take a minute away from our desks, but while I spent nearly 6 hours travelling today, it was also really good to get out and meet people face to face and get excited about new ideas and the vision for the event rather than be bogged down in spreadsheets and deadlines.
  • Had the loveliest meal and catch up with my theatre partner in crime Emma. She actively encouraged me going on about my recent trip to NYC (so she can live vacariously through my ramblings), and we always have a good old Punchdrunky nostalgia-fest when we catch up, so it’s always great to see her and not feel judged for my obsession. Topped off with seeing Mark Rylance in Nice Fish – it’s an odd little play, but utterly charming and he was excellent (obviously).
  • Also booked tickets for another show tomorrow (Northfields by Shrink Theatre) with another of my theatre chums. I’m exhausted from being ill earlier in the week but it’s closing soon so it’s my only chance to see it, and it sounded like one I couldn’t pass up!

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