Happy thoughts – Friday 3rd February

  • One of my oldest chums is a proper writer and blogger – not like me! – and she gave my Happy Thoughts series a little shout out after publishing her own list-based post this week. However, the thing that actually made me happy wasn’t this, but NIGELLA BLOODY LAWSON (who appeared on her list) picking up on her blog post and tweeting about it. I have the cleverest pals! If you want to check out her work (which is WAY more professional than mine) head to A New Essex Girl or read her weekly column on Standard Issue.
  • Went to see an immersive production called Northfields tonight. It was a small production in deepest darkest Plaistow, so despite having read a couple of good reviews, I was scared to get my hopes up. But it was actually very well done. Set in a struggling institution in the 70s, it was an intelligent look at mental health, the NHS and social stigmas. I’ll review it in full shortly, but it was really good!
  • Absolute highlight of the day however, has to go to the moment I entered the venue for Northfields, and after saying hi to my friend Chas who was waiting for me inside, heard a familiar voice behind me and it was only my new theatre pal Sabrina that I met in NYC in the queue for Sleep No More (then spent several further evenings with her in the queue and Manderley)! It’s a small world, but a wonderful one.

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