Happy thoughts – Tuesday 7th February

  • I don’t really sleep enough during the week. Usually I count myself lucky to get about 6 1/2 hours, and often it’s less than that. But last night – after my terrible night’s sleep on Sunday – I got to bed early, put on an eye mask to block out all light and promptly passed out for 7 1/2 wonderful hours. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was glorious. And what made it that little bit sweeter, was waking up briefly about 4am, already feeling like I’d slept quite a lot, and realising I had a further 3 hours of shut-eye to go. Bliss.
  • I finished my book today. Well, my play. I’ve been re-reading Macbeth – inspired by my trip to NYC and Sleep No More – and much as I love Shakey Bill, it’s not the easiest thing to read, especially on the tube where there are lots of distractions. But I enjoyed it possibly more than any other time I’ve read Shakespeare, probably partly due to my recent trip, but this time I managed to absorb the narrative while also letting the language dance around in my head, and it was a completely different experience to reading it when I was younger when I had to really think about the meaning of every word. Plus, you feel super smart when you read Shakespeare in public, and it occasionally attracts the odd admiring glance.
  • Booked tickets for the immersive Great Gatsby – it’s sold out at the Vault Festival, and I missed the boat, but my little theatre group (plus a few extras) all managed to get out collective sh*t together and agree on a date and book quickly. So now we’ve got something else to look forward to in the coming months. And now I need to find a flapper dress…

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