Happy thoughts – Wednesday 8th February

  • Asos delivery arrived yesterday, so today I donned a new rusty orange top (£8 down from £25 – boom!) today. It’s a small thing, but sometimes that’s all it takes to put a spring in your step.
  • On the tube on the way home this evening, I saw people fighting to give up their seats for an elderly couple. Every day I see people fight far too energetically for seats, get unnecessarily aggressive about claiming the armrest, manspreading and all sorts of other examples of bad tube etiquette, so this was an absolute delight to witness.
  • Sometimes I take my hubby for granted – I’m sure I’m not the only one. But tonight I came home, worked out as he made dinner, he made me laugh goodness knows how many times just doing stupid little things, and then rubbed my shoulders while we watched TV – sometimes it pay to be married to a trained masseur. But more importantly, it pays to be married to a bloody lovely chap. What’s best, is that it’s not even a rare occurance. He does stuff like that every day. Just because.

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