Happy thoughts – Saturday 11th February

  • I actually enjoyed Insanity. I did one of the Max sessions – which is from the second month of the programme and has about 15 additional minutes of hardcore cardio compared to the first month’s sessions – and I got through it feeling ok, and with enough juice left to tag on a 15 minute standing abs/cardio session with weights.
  • Watched Gangs of New York, which I’ve had a hankering to watch again since getting back from the Big Apple. It never disappoints – Martin Scorcese, Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio are such a brilliant combination, and it’s a real joy seeing all the supporting cast too. John C. Reilly, Brendan Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Liam Neeson… it doesn’t put a foot wrong.
  • Went out for birthday drinks with Will’s former flatmate, Katia and had such a good evening – it was just really nice to catch up, see some live music, and pretend we’re not a boring old couple quite yet! And I can’t deny it was nice to be told, several times, how much weight I’d lost.

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