Happy thoughts – Sunday 12th February

  • My morning run was bitterly cold, but really enjoyable – the cold’s stopping some people from going out, so it was relatively quiet on the streets, and I braved the South Bank. I also picked up a running nemesis – a guy who kept overtaking me, tiring himself out, then walking for a bit til I overtook him again. I stuck with my not-so-slow and steady pace, and eventually shook him off – yaaas! Plus I found it reasonably easy and maintained a decent pace, getting home with the energy to do some weights while I was running a bath.
  • Haggis for breakfast with our poached eggs and spinach. No further explanation needed.
  • Will gave me one of my Valentine’s presents a little early – Blues Brothers on DVD. He’d never seen it til a couple of years ago, so it’s still a novelty for him, and with all those jazz and blues legends, how could it not be one of my favourite films?! I grin most of the way through it, but especially during Ray Charles’ segment.

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