Happy thoughts – Thursday 16th February

  • I was watching some of my mate Dave’s youtube videos this morning, and it really made me smile. He’s on a weightloss journey and he vlogs his way through the ups and downs, but I find his energy and determination a real joy to watch. Plus, I haven’t seen him in YEARS (maybe 9 or so?!) and it’s like having him here rabbiting on at me.
  • I had a real comfort/junk food craving today, and allowed myself a (small) pack of Kettle Chips, some fizzy laces AND some chocolate after lunch. I ended up having a sugar crash late afternoon, but it was so worth it.
  • Had a really lazy evening and relished every moment of it! I walked part of the way home and gave my mum a call while I walked which was nice, but really I did it so that when I got back I didn’t feel the need to go for a run or do Insanity – instead I just did a short abs workout with weights, then settled down to steak and chips, many cups of tea, and a few episodes of the US version of Shameless – I never really watched the UK one, and I’m sure it’s good, but I do really love William H. Macy, and some of the kids in it are amazing.

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