Happy thoughts – Saturday 18th February

  • I worked out HARD and felt pretty much invincible. One of the Insanity Max sessions, followed by the Insanity abs session, followed by a standing abs and arms weights session. I’ve said it over and over, but I’m taking real pleasure in how much I can push my body now, and while I might not be quite as slim as I was when I was doing Insanity six times a week, I feel stronger than I’ve ever been.
  • Will had the idea late on Friday to have a Big Lebowski night, so we invited over a couple of his mates and watched the film, drank white russians, ate pizza, and generally had a grand old time!
  • At the end of our Big Lebowski night, we decided to crack out a board game – Wayne and Rich decided they’d had a couple of drinks too many to play Scrabble, so we went for the Logo Board Game, which we’d got as a wedding present. It ended up being unintentionably hilarious as it was so USA-focused that it was pretty much impossible having never seen any of the ads or heard of half the brands that were in the game!

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