Happy thoughts – Friday 24th February

  • I had a truly lousy day at work yesterday, so treated myself to some sushi for lunch. And then that was a little disappointing, so I treated myself to Lindt’s sea salt dark chocolate. THAT helped. (Though it still got worse before I left at the end of the day).
  • The day was, however, beautiful. Bright blue skies and sun. It was cold and windy, but who cares when it’s so pretty outside?
  • When I finally got home, I was so flipping appreciative of an evening in, a lovely dinner, and watching a couple of episodes of Shameless – and they were GREAT episodes – and then going to bed early. For the sake of these thoughts being happy, I’ll gloss over the fact that the early night was because I was due up at 6.20am for work. On a Saturday.

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