Happy thoughts – Sunday 26th February

  • First things first, I didn’t have to work – I had offered, but was let off the hook. A nine and a half hour sleep was mine!
  • I worked out. It was tough. It hurt. It really sucked. But I did it. Having had a busy week, and working on Saturday, it was a full week since my last workout, and I was really starting to feel like I hadn’t spent any time on “me”, so for all it was one of the most physically difficult workouts I’d done in a long time, it was one of the most mentally satisfying.
  • We went to the Tate Modern. It’s round the corner from the flat, but sometimes years pass between visits as we just take it for granted. We only did a couple of of the rooms, but we’re really lucky to have it on our doorstep and to be able to drop in like that. I appreciate London’s free museums and galleries all the more after my recent visit to New York where nearly every museum or gallery is $25.

Happy thoughts – Saturday 25th February

Despite getting up at 6.20am for work, today was not the car crash I thought it would turn out to be. The work bit wasn’t ideal, but actually, everything else has been pretty good.

  • Firstly, my heroic hubby got up super early to make me breakfast before I headed off to work on site at one of our events. Also pretty miraculous was the fact that I was only due to be working this morning, and actually only worked the morning – usually me being due to finish about 12.30pm would result in me finally leaving at 4 or later. But I managed to get away and home by 1pm, where heroic hubby had lunch waiting for me.
  • I’m usually first to joke about how rubbish Scotland’s various teams are at sports, so it’s a great day when we win – and today was that day, as we beat Wales 29-13 in the Six Nations. The first time we’ve beaten them in 10 years, and we actually deserved the win – it wasn’t just that Wales messed up and Scotland got lucky, we actually outplayed them for the entirety of the second half.
  • Finally watched The Theory of Everything. It came with high expectations, but it didn’t disappoint. I expected to bawl through it, but despite some pretty serious subject matter and sad moments, it also had plenty of uplifting moments and although Eddie Redmayne was good, it was really Felicity Jones’ film.


Happy thoughts – Friday 24th February

  • I had a truly lousy day at work yesterday, so treated myself to some sushi for lunch. And then that was a little disappointing, so I treated myself to Lindt’s sea salt dark chocolate. THAT helped. (Though it still got worse before I left at the end of the day).
  • The day was, however, beautiful. Bright blue skies and sun. It was cold and windy, but who cares when it’s so pretty outside?
  • When I finally got home, I was so flipping appreciative of an evening in, a lovely dinner, and watching a couple of episodes of Shameless – and they were GREAT episodes – and then going to bed early. For the sake of these thoughts being happy, I’ll gloss over the fact that the early night was because I was due up at 6.20am for work. On a Saturday.

Happy thoughts – Thursday 23rd February

  • I was meant to be working on site at one of our events tomorrow morning, but I’ve managed to find someone to cover for me. I’ll still be going into the office, but after such a late finish last night, the prospect of an extra hour in bed is AWESOME.
  • Went to a thing called The Neath tonight – part immersive theatre, part bar. Not sure I could entirely recommend it (I’ll try to write it up while my memories are clear), but it gave me and my theatre chums a chance to catch up and that was a bloody delight!
  • In the pub before The Neath, I bumped into one of my suppliers from work – he’s one of the ones I get on well with socially and we usually have a boozy catch up at a networking thing a couple of times a year, so was nice to see him. But more importantly, sometimes it’s really reassuring to be reminded that even somewhere as densely populated as London, where you can feel so alone, you’re never too far from a friend.

Happy thoughts – Wednesday 22nd February

  • Met an old uni pal for dinner – she was in town with her hubby to see Cirque de Soleil, so we met for dinner and it was really lovely to catch up! We were never particularly close but always got on and kept in touch (in the way we do over social media), so we’ve never gone out of our way to see each other, but being a few tube stops from my work, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, and well worth the trek in the rain!
  • I had a 10pm conference call. That’s definitely NOT a happy thought, but I met with a couple of the girls who were going to be on the call before it, and it was really good to chat and offload. I love my job, but it can be chaotic and stressful, and – much like most people I imagine – no one really gets it if they haven’t worked in a similar role and company, so sometimes nothing works other than sharing your troubles over a glass of wine. Or sparkling water in this occasion – we thought the wine would send us to sleep.
  • As I didn’t leave the office we had our call at til nearly midnight, I caught a taxi home, and had a really nice chat with my driver. Sometimes I can’t handle smalltalk and just want to play a game on my phone or zone out and watch the world go by, but he was really friendly and lovely to chat too – nothing particularly deep, just about what he loved and hated about driving a taxi, how it gave him time with his family etc. I think London can be so cold and anonymous at times, but these little exchanges are everywhere if you’re open to them.
  • Bonus one – even though I got home after midnight and Will was in bed, he had a cup of tea waiting for me. I have busy periods like this where I make his life hell, waking him up early when I get up, keeping him up late as I get back late etc – but rather than being annoyed at me, he feels guilty that I usually leave before he gets up and sometimes get back after he’s in bed and really looks after me. I’m a lucky girl.

Happy thoughts – Tuesday 21st February

I find days like Tuesday the hardest to write a bout – I just don’t feel like I did much of anything! Work was fine, my evening was fine, but nothing particularly good to write about. So this will be short. Not sure about sweet.

  • My mate Tony has a comedy gig in London in a couple of weeks – he’s in a competition of sorts, so we got tickets to go along and be his ringers.
  • Enjoyed a very chilled night in as the rest of the week is going to be crazy. Thankfully, we had new Walking Dead and Girls to watch, so it still felt like a bit of an occasion.
  • Genuinely happy to have triple greens with dinner – broccoli, fine beans AND spinach. I’m excited about vegetables. Shoot me.

Happy thoughts – Monday 20th February

I’m still ill so I’m struggling for good stuff today – all I did was go to work (which was pretty tough given that I’m so achey even my eyeballs hurt), then come back and watch many many episodes of Shameless. We didn’t even get to watch The Walking Dead as it was a bit too late being uploaded to Now TV. So instead I’m going to focus on looking forward to stuff when I’m (hopefully) feeling better.

  • Seeing an old uni pal for dinner on Wednesday as she’s in London and gathering a few folks together for dinner. Haven’t seen her in about 8 years I’d guess, so really looking forward to it!
  • Seeing my theatre chums on Thursday for an immersive production called The Neath, which is on at Vault Festival and looks ace.
  • Finally made a (vague) plan for birthday drinks in a couple of weeks, and though it’s nothing big or special, it will be nice to see whatever pals make it along!