Happy thoughts – Monday 27th February

  • Today didn’t suck. I fully expected it to be a big steaming pile, and it wasn’t. I’m counting that.
  • Moonlight won the Best Picture Oscar! I haven’t actually seen it yet, but from every review I’ve watched or read, it seems to be well deserved, but somewhat unexpected with La La Land as the favourite.
  • Dev Patel attending the Oscars with his mum and in awe of his Lion co-star is possibly one of the cutest things to have ever happened in Hollywood. I mean, LOOK AT THEM!

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Happy thoughts – Saturday 25th February

Despite getting up at 6.20am for work, today was not the car crash I thought it would turn out to be. The work bit wasn’t ideal, but actually, everything else has been pretty good.

  • Firstly, my heroic hubby got up super early to make me breakfast before I headed off to work on site at one of our events. Also pretty miraculous was the fact that I was only due to be working this morning, and actually only worked the morning – usually me being due to finish about 12.30pm would result in me finally leaving at 4 or later. But I managed to get away and home by 1pm, where heroic hubby had lunch waiting for me.
  • I’m usually first to joke about how rubbish Scotland’s various teams are at sports, so it’s a great day when we win – and today was that day, as we beat Wales 29-13 in the Six Nations. The first time we’ve beaten them in 10 years, and we actually deserved the win – it wasn’t just that Wales messed up and Scotland got lucky, we actually outplayed them for the entirety of the second half.
  • Finally watched The Theory of Everything. It came with high expectations, but it didn’t disappoint. I expected to bawl through it, but despite some pretty serious subject matter and sad moments, it also had plenty of uplifting moments and although Eddie Redmayne was good, it was really Felicity Jones’ film.


Happy thoughts – Sunday 19th February

I barely slept last night, and have a dreadful cold – the kind where everything hurts – so finding happy things today hasn’t been particularly easy. Which makes me feel even better that I managed! It’s a simple thing to write down a list of things you appreciate each day, and they don’t make the best reading for someone else (so sorry if you’re reading this), but they really do help keep you focused on the good.

  • Sunday runday! Despite feeling pretty ill, I made myself get up and go out, and I’m so glad I did. I wanted to do 10k, but was prepared to cut it short knowing I wasn’t feeling too good, so it felt great to do it with relative ease. It’s possibly the fastest 10k I’ve done in London (I’m VERY pleased with 54 minutes given the lack of clean air and amount of tourists and smartphone zombies you have to dodge to keep up a decent pace), and it never felt particularly tough. The only issue was, that as soon as I got back I basically crashed and have felt awful all day.
  • Even better than doing the run, was the last kilometre or so. Just after hitting the 9k mark, Biffy Clyro’s Stingin Belle came on shuffle, and it was perfectly timed for the home stretch – running the last few minutes to great lines like “You think you’re cool like a porcupine” and then doing the last straight to the epic bagpipe finish felt like I was in Chariots of Fire. Plus I then got in the lift at my building and realised I was in head to toe purple and blue and looked like a giant blueberry. Even my watch strap and nail polish were unintentionally co-ordinated.
  • Having done 10k, I felt absolutely no guilt at doing pretty much nothing the rest of the day. So we decided to watch Les Miserables (which we’ve not seen since it was in the cinema) bought some treats – kettle chips, peanut M&MS, the works – and mainlined tea all afternoon, and have done pretty much the same all evening while binge-watching Shameless USA.


Happy thoughts – Saturday 18th February

  • I worked out HARD and felt pretty much invincible. One of the Insanity Max sessions, followed by the Insanity abs session, followed by a standing abs and arms weights session. I’ve said it over and over, but I’m taking real pleasure in how much I can push my body now, and while I might not be quite as slim as I was when I was doing Insanity six times a week, I feel stronger than I’ve ever been.
  • Will had the idea late on Friday to have a Big Lebowski night, so we invited over a couple of his mates and watched the film, drank white russians, ate pizza, and generally had a grand old time!
  • At the end of our Big Lebowski night, we decided to crack out a board game – Wayne and Rich decided they’d had a couple of drinks too many to play Scrabble, so we went for the Logo Board Game, which we’d got as a wedding present. It ended up being unintentionably hilarious as it was so USA-focused that it was pretty much impossible having never seen any of the ads or heard of half the brands that were in the game!

Happy thoughts – Friday 17th February

  • It was a really beautiful day! Blue skies, mild, and just lovely.
  • I don’t often write about work, but I’ve had a positive week of hitting targets with relative ease, so sending the Friday reports to my CEO was a pleasure for once, and that’s rare!
  • We watched Gone Girl – and it wasn’t rubbish! We’ve been almost nervous to watch it in case it was a massive disappointment, but while it’s not going to break our top 10s, it was genuinely good, and though we both saw some of the twists coming, it still felt fresh.