Happy thoughts – Wednesday 1st March

  • One of my favourite human beings is in London this weekend – was in touch with the gorgeous Mairead this morning to arrange seeing her on Sunday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was an incredibly long day, and very stressful, so having something to look forward to definitely helped!
  • When I did finally leave the office, the husbear let me know there was a surprise waiting for me – a whole box of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. It’s the simple things…
  • MORE PANCAKES! (It was a long day. Forgive me the repetition).

Happy thoughts – Thursday 23rd February

  • I was meant to be working on site at one of our events tomorrow morning, but I’ve managed to find someone to cover for me. I’ll still be going into the office, but after such a late finish last night, the prospect of an extra hour in bed is AWESOME.
  • Went to a thing called The Neath tonight – part immersive theatre, part bar. Not sure I could entirely recommend it (I’ll try to write it up while my memories are clear), but it gave me and my theatre chums a chance to catch up and that was a bloody delight!
  • In the pub before The Neath, I bumped into one of my suppliers from work – he’s one of the ones I get on well with socially and we usually have a boozy catch up at a networking thing a couple of times a year, so was nice to see him. But more importantly, sometimes it’s really reassuring to be reminded that even somewhere as densely populated as London, where you can feel so alone, you’re never too far from a friend.

Happy thoughts – Monday 20th February

I’m still ill so I’m struggling for good stuff today – all I did was go to work (which was pretty tough given that I’m so achey even my eyeballs hurt), then come back and watch many many episodes of Shameless. We didn’t even get to watch The Walking Dead as it was a bit too late being uploaded to Now TV. So instead I’m going to focus on looking forward to stuff when I’m (hopefully) feeling better.

  • Seeing an old uni pal for dinner on Wednesday as she’s in London and gathering a few folks together for dinner. Haven’t seen her in about 8 years I’d guess, so really looking forward to it!
  • Seeing my theatre chums on Thursday for an immersive production called The Neath, which is on at Vault Festival and looks ace.
  • Finally made a (vague) plan for birthday drinks in a couple of weeks, and though it’s nothing big or special, it will be nice to see whatever pals make it along!

Happy thoughts – Wednesday 15th February

  • I finished my book – it’s called Some Assembly Required and is a transgender male’s account of his teenage years and experiences as he worked out who he is, and started transitioning – and I’ve really enjoyed it. Clearly it’s a complicated subject, and no two experiences are alike, but Arin, the author’s, account is just written with such heart and positivity and honesty that you can’t help but root for him every step of the way.
  • Went out for dinner with a friend and we set the world to rights – Trump, Brexit, the works. I’ve known him for quite a few years, but we hadn’t really hung out just the two of us before, and it was really lovely to get to know him a bit better over good food and a bottle of red.
  • I came home to flowers. Nothing showy or expensive (certainly not red roses) just some lovely yellow and peach freesias – which I think were also my Gran’s favourites – which are perfect for brightening up the flat a little.

Happy thoughts – Saturday 4th February

  • Sometimes it’s the little things – we had the simplest bruschetta for lunch, made with some leftover sundried tomato and olive bread that I bought in the reduced section for 34p yesterday – and it was bloomin’ delicious!
  • Went to see some comedy this evening, and it was so good to just laugh. It included a couple of comedians we’d heard of (off the telly) but the surprise of the evening was the final act, Spencer Brown, who was exactly our cup of tea.
  • And sometimes it’s the big things. One of my closest friends was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her early twenties, and her best friend Ruth was just the most incredibly supportive friend throughout. She started making care packages for cancer patients – full of little treats and useful bits to help them through their treatment. Their story was turned into a video and featured on BBC Scotland’s The Social today, and it made me so bloody proud – watch it for yourself below – not to mention amazingly grateful that Mairead is now cancer-free. I’m honoured she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married.