Happy thoughts – Wednesday 22nd February

  • Met an old uni pal for dinner – she was in town with her hubby to see Cirque de Soleil, so we met for dinner and it was really lovely to catch up! We were never particularly close but always got on and kept in touch (in the way we do over social media), so we’ve never gone out of our way to see each other, but being a few tube stops from my work, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, and well worth the trek in the rain!
  • I had a 10pm conference call. That’s definitely NOT a happy thought, but I met with a couple of the girls who were going to be on the call before it, and it was really good to chat and offload. I love my job, but it can be chaotic and stressful, and – much like most people I imagine – no one really gets it if they haven’t worked in a similar role and company, so sometimes nothing works other than sharing your troubles over a glass of wine. Or sparkling water in this occasion – we thought the wine would send us to sleep.
  • As I didn’t leave the office we had our call at til nearly midnight, I caught a taxi home, and had a really nice chat with my driver. Sometimes I can’t handle smalltalk and just want to play a game on my phone or zone out and watch the world go by, but he was really friendly and lovely to chat too – nothing particularly deep, just about what he loved and hated about driving a taxi, how it gave him time with his family etc. I think London can be so cold and anonymous at times, but these little exchanges are everywhere if you’re open to them.
  • Bonus one – even though I got home after midnight and Will was in bed, he had a cup of tea waiting for me. I have busy periods like this where I make his life hell, waking him up early when I get up, keeping him up late as I get back late etc – but rather than being annoyed at me, he feels guilty that I usually leave before he gets up and sometimes get back after he’s in bed and really looks after me. I’m a lucky girl.

Happy thoughts – Sunday 19th February

I barely slept last night, and have a dreadful cold – the kind where everything hurts – so finding happy things today hasn’t been particularly easy. Which makes me feel even better that I managed! It’s a simple thing to write down a list of things you appreciate each day, and they don’t make the best reading for someone else (so sorry if you’re reading this), but they really do help keep you focused on the good.

  • Sunday runday! Despite feeling pretty ill, I made myself get up and go out, and I’m so glad I did. I wanted to do 10k, but was prepared to cut it short knowing I wasn’t feeling too good, so it felt great to do it with relative ease. It’s possibly the fastest 10k I’ve done in London (I’m VERY pleased with 54 minutes given the lack of clean air and amount of tourists and smartphone zombies you have to dodge to keep up a decent pace), and it never felt particularly tough. The only issue was, that as soon as I got back I basically crashed and have felt awful all day.
  • Even better than doing the run, was the last kilometre or so. Just after hitting the 9k mark, Biffy Clyro’s Stingin Belle came on shuffle, and it was perfectly timed for the home stretch – running the last few minutes to great lines like “You think you’re cool like a porcupine” and then doing the last straight to the epic bagpipe finish felt like I was in Chariots of Fire. Plus I then got in the lift at my building and realised I was in head to toe purple and blue and looked like a giant blueberry. Even my watch strap and nail polish were unintentionally co-ordinated.
  • Having done 10k, I felt absolutely no guilt at doing pretty much nothing the rest of the day. So we decided to watch Les Miserables (which we’ve not seen since it was in the cinema) bought some treats – kettle chips, peanut M&MS, the works – and mainlined tea all afternoon, and have done pretty much the same all evening while binge-watching Shameless USA.


Happy thoughts – Friday 17th February

  • It was a really beautiful day! Blue skies, mild, and just lovely.
  • I don’t often write about work, but I’ve had a positive week of hitting targets with relative ease, so sending the Friday reports to my CEO was a pleasure for once, and that’s rare!
  • We watched Gone Girl – and it wasn’t rubbish! We’ve been almost nervous to watch it in case it was a massive disappointment, but while it’s not going to break our top 10s, it was genuinely good, and though we both saw some of the twists coming, it still felt fresh.

Happy thoughts – Thursday 16th February

  • I was watching some of my mate Dave’s youtube videos this morning, and it really made me smile. He’s on a weightloss journey and he vlogs his way through the ups and downs, but I find his energy and determination a real joy to watch. Plus, I haven’t seen him in YEARS (maybe 9 or so?!) and it’s like having him here rabbiting on at me.
  • I had a real comfort/junk food craving today, and allowed myself a (small) pack of Kettle Chips, some fizzy laces AND some chocolate after lunch. I ended up having a sugar crash late afternoon, but it was so worth it.
  • Had a really lazy evening and relished every moment of it! I walked part of the way home and gave my mum a call while I walked which was nice, but really I did it so that when I got back I didn’t feel the need to go for a run or do Insanity – instead I just did a short abs workout with weights, then settled down to steak and chips, many cups of tea, and a few episodes of the US version of Shameless – I never really watched the UK one, and I’m sure it’s good, but I do really love William H. Macy, and some of the kids in it are amazing.

Happy thoughts – Wednesday 15th February

  • I finished my book – it’s called Some Assembly Required and is a transgender male’s account of his teenage years and experiences as he worked out who he is, and started transitioning – and I’ve really enjoyed it. Clearly it’s a complicated subject, and no two experiences are alike, but Arin, the author’s, account is just written with such heart and positivity and honesty that you can’t help but root for him every step of the way.
  • Went out for dinner with a friend and we set the world to rights – Trump, Brexit, the works. I’ve known him for quite a few years, but we hadn’t really hung out just the two of us before, and it was really lovely to get to know him a bit better over good food and a bottle of red.
  • I came home to flowers. Nothing showy or expensive (certainly not red roses) just some lovely yellow and peach freesias – which I think were also my Gran’s favourites – which are perfect for brightening up the flat a little.

Happy thoughts – Monday 13th February

  • I slept really well last night. That might not sound like much, but I NEVER sleep well on a Sunday night – even if I’ve nothing to stress about, I just lie awake for hours trying to get to sleep, wake up every half hour through the night, and generally start Mondays feeling like I’ve not had any sort of rest despite just having had a weekend.
  • I had an end of day meeting in town, meaning I could walk home. For all my moanings about London, I do love walking over the river and taking in the skyline, and it was a really lovely – if cold – afternoon to do it. Plus I got a bonus celeb spot of Danny Leigh on the walk home.

Happy thoughts – Saturday 4th February

  • Sometimes it’s the little things – we had the simplest bruschetta for lunch, made with some leftover sundried tomato and olive bread that I bought in the reduced section for 34p yesterday – and it was bloomin’ delicious!
  • Went to see some comedy this evening, and it was so good to just laugh. It included a couple of comedians we’d heard of (off the telly) but the surprise of the evening was the final act, Spencer Brown, who was exactly our cup of tea.
  • And sometimes it’s the big things. One of my closest friends was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her early twenties, and her best friend Ruth was just the most incredibly supportive friend throughout. She started making care packages for cancer patients – full of little treats and useful bits to help them through their treatment. Their story was turned into a video and featured on BBC Scotland’s The Social today, and it made me so bloody proud – watch it for yourself below – not to mention amazingly grateful that Mairead is now cancer-free. I’m honoured she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married.