Happy thoughts – Tuesday 14th February

  • It’s Valentine’s Day. That means very little for me and Will, but I did rather enjoy watching some of the lovely romantic acts I saw today – personal favourite was one of my work pals getting some amazing looking doughnuts from her boyfriend who’s currently away in Dublin for work. Plus it gave me a legitimate excuse to buy Will an insulting card.
  • And in our Valentine’s tradition of not doing anything romantic, we watched Point Break. And Girls. (New season – yay! Last season – boo!)
  • OK, OK, I did get a couple of (non-slushy) Valentine’s presents… The boy done good.

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Happy thoughts – Monday 6th February

  • I had the most dreadful night’s sleep on Sunday night. Possibly the worst I ever remember having. Yet somehow I got through the day feeling ok, and I’ll take that as a little win given how badly I thought it was going to go!
  • We watched Ant-Man. Sometimes, all you need in life is a good Marvel film. I know Edgar Wright left the project partway through, but you can see his footprints all over it, and it’s glorious.
  • We found a way to make the double wedding weekend work. Paul, Maura, Dan and Faye – we’re coming for you! And now I have a legitimate excuse to buy two new outfits…

Happy thoughts – Sunday 5th February

  • I really enjoyed my run this morning. Went out intending to do about 7k, but was enjoying it so much I made it 10 – completed in about 55 minutes, which isn’t bad for London where you’re constantly being stopped by traffic lights and dodging slow moving tourists (who somehow manage to take up the whole pavement even if there are only 2 of them)
  • With me having completed my 10k, and Will having gone to the gym, we decided to have a very lazy afternoon, so we only ventured out to the shops to get groceries and I made a lamb and spinach curry, which was bloomin’ delicious. Extra shout out for the luxury M&S hot cross buns that were reduced to clear – best 20p I’ve spent in a while!
  • The other component of our lazy day was films. We watched Fantastic Mr Fox (Wes Anderson was a very appropriate director to tackle Roald Dahl), Miles Ahead (a thoroughly enjoyable caper, though worth remembering it’s fictionalised as otherwise it would take the shine off Miles Davis for me), and Ex Machina. Ex Machina was the star of our line-up, so an appropriate finale to the evening – it was critically acclaimed, but didn’t do amazingly at the box office, but it’s a little gem of a film. I’m picky about my sci-fi, but this was intelligently written – more a psychological thriller than traditional sci-fi. I feel like I’ve got some film-related blog posts in me as I watch so many of them, so look out for those coming soon…