Happy thoughts – Tuesday 28th February

  • It was a super long day at work, and very stressful, but made slightly better by coming home to hubby and soup and a shoulder rub. I literally couldn’t do my job without a stable home life when I leave the office. Or if I did, I’d be eating a LOT of takeaway and getting very podgy.
  • New Walking Dead and Girls. I’ve used these before, but I’m clutching at straws.
  • PANCAKES! Scotch ones of course. None of your thin rubbish where they’re lukewarm and clammy by the time you’ve finished tossing – it’s all about the fat, buttery, slightly crispy variety.

Happy thoughts – Tuesday 21st February

I find days like Tuesday the hardest to write a bout – I just don’t feel like I did much of anything! Work was fine, my evening was fine, but nothing particularly good to write about. So this will be short. Not sure about sweet.

  • My mate Tony has a comedy gig in London in a couple of weeks – he’s in a competition of sorts, so we got tickets to go along and be his ringers.
  • Enjoyed a very chilled night in as the rest of the week is going to be crazy. Thankfully, we had new Walking Dead and Girls to watch, so it still felt like a bit of an occasion.
  • Genuinely happy to have triple greens with dinner – broccoli, fine beans AND spinach. I’m excited about vegetables. Shoot me.