Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

In my efforts to make my life more creative, I’ve picked up a couple of books that I hope will help my get my thoughts in order. The first, bought on a whim after seeing it mentioned on a Buzzfeed list, is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

In my rush to buy it, I didn’t realise she was also the writer of Eat, Pray, Love – I haven’t read it, so maybe I’m missing out on a life-changing experience, but had I realised that, I might never have bought it.

The book is a thoroughly enjoyable read – lots of great little anecdotes to illustrate her points, and it never drags. Despite only reading for short, interrupted periods on my commute, I flew through it in about a week. But – and this probably says more about me than anything – I found it a bit too positive. It’s written from the point of view of someone who has figured it all out. Who’s spent her life doing the thing she loves most. She’s not smug, and I’m all for the idea of a higher power – the ‘Big Magic’ of the title – but I found the optimism and the implication of the universe playing a major part all a bit removed from my reality.

But I agree with so much that she says, and the section on fear really did resonate with me. Below is just the first few lines of a multi-page list of reasons we are afraid to live a more creative life, and I have thought every last one of them.



But I struggled to share a viewpoint with and buy into the ideology of someone who writes from such a different position to me. She sold me a lot of her ideas – they’re not difficult concepts and concisely chosen – but didn’t really get me on side. Maybe I’m asking too much of a book, but I didn’t put it down feeling like I was any better equipped to overcome my anxieties and make practical changes to how I live in order to feel more creatively fulfilled.

But saying that, I’ve quoted various points from the book to a number of people over the last week. It is worth a look – and it’s a low time and effort commitment as it’s short and really quite a fun read. Maybe with time to reflect and absorb, I’ll stop focusing on little niggles and the message will be what stays with me. And then maybe it’ll help me produce some magic of my own.