Happy thoughts – Tuesday 21st February

I find days like Tuesday the hardest to write a bout – I just don’t feel like I did much of anything! Work was fine, my evening was fine, but nothing particularly good to write about. So this will be short. Not sure about sweet.

  • My mate Tony has a comedy gig in London in a couple of weeks – he’s in a competition of sorts, so we got tickets to go along and be his ringers.
  • Enjoyed a very chilled night in as the rest of the week is going to be crazy. Thankfully, we had new Walking Dead and Girls to watch, so it still felt like a bit of an occasion.
  • Genuinely happy to have triple greens with dinner – broccoli, fine beans AND spinach. I’m excited about vegetables. Shoot me.

Happy thoughts – Saturday 4th February

  • Sometimes it’s the little things – we had the simplest bruschetta for lunch, made with some leftover sundried tomato and olive bread that I bought in the reduced section for 34p yesterday – and it was bloomin’ delicious!
  • Went to see some comedy this evening, and it was so good to just laugh. It included a couple of comedians we’d heard of (off the telly) but the surprise of the evening was the final act, Spencer Brown, who was exactly our cup of tea.
  • And sometimes it’s the big things. One of my closest friends was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her early twenties, and her best friend Ruth was just the most incredibly supportive friend throughout. She started making care packages for cancer patients – full of little treats and useful bits to help them through their treatment. Their story was turned into a video and featured on BBC Scotland’s The Social today, and it made me so bloody proud – watch it for yourself below – not to mention amazingly grateful that Mairead is now cancer-free. I’m honoured she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married.